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Visitors at West Boggs Park will find the environment charming, gratifying, and relaxing. There just isn’t a better place to gather with family and friends to enjoy the outdoors!

West Boggs Park opened its doors to the public in July 1972. This tremendous park is operated by the Daviess Martin Joint Parks & Recreation Department and has been self-sufficient since 1996! That means… we do not use any of your tax money to operate. We welcome any volunteers and enjoy partnering with community organizations to increase the activities in our communities.

West Boggs Park has ventured a long way from when it opened its gate. The most recent modification was the 2014 fishery renovation conducted by the IN DNR to eradicate the gizzard shad and other undesirable aquatic species. The lake was restocked and according to the latest DNR analysis performed in July of 2016, the fish are growing near triple the rate as normal! This is great news for our fishery and the next few years will offer some of the best fishing in the Midwest!

Our department has begun administering our new 2016-2020 Master Plan! The majority of these tasks were taken from public input via emails, surveys, meetings, and conversation. Following this plan will take our park to the next level of service and provide you with some of the latest recreational amenities and opportunities! The following list is some of the great services and amenities we offer along with some of the future projects:

  • Our Activity Center and program staff provide excellent experiences for you and your children.
  • If you forgot something, come to our campstore! Or if you want to get some ice cream, a cold drink, or one of our awesome new shirts, just swing on by!
  • Our beach area has two volleyball courts, restrooms, and plenty of space to spread out and bask in the sun.
  • We have a few miles of multi-use trails throughout the park! Ride your bike, walk, or take your golf cart!
  • Coming soon by the end of 2016 is a new 60’ fishing pier which will be located near the beach area! This accessible pier will allow all visitors the opportunity fish our lake!
  • Coming soon will also be a new modern playground near our beach area! We’re hoping to have this project started by the end of 2017!
  • Coming soon will also be some major campsite upgrades! We plan to begin improving our campsites in 2016 and hope to have every site updated by the end of 2018.



West Boggs Park has everything that you could possibly need right out the camper door!



Our staff with the Daviess Martin Joint County Parks & Recreation Department strive to provide you with an exceptional outdoor facility!

Helpful happy people

Everyone on our team is dedicated to excellent customer service, communication, and delivery.


Our maintenance personnel accomplish every aspect of updating and maintaining the perfect facility for your needs.


The gatehouse staff will answer any questions, take your reservations, and conduct themselves with professional integrity.



The program staff aspire to give our users fun filled activities that will keep everyone thrilled and coming back for more!


And our management team stays on top of the latest trends, concerns, praises, and regards everyone that visits the park as friends!

Please thank the staff for their hard work!

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West Boggs Park is located in two small charming southern Indiana counties. This location allows us to work closely with businesses and citizens of both Daviess and Martin Counties and allows us to provide an outstanding park to this local population.

We believe in the quote “High tides raise all ships” and work closely with one another to improve the economic vitality of our region. Below are some of the organizations and businesses that have supported our efforts here in West Boggs Park.